The Urban Education Grant Program

The Urban Education Grants Program is an international hub for urban education funding and development building partnerships with schools, community organizations, and businesses in support of solution based initiatives. Our mission is to promote immediate implementation of solutions that can provide rapid relief for urban schools, students, and stakeholders through gaining access to necessary funding and development opportunities.

Our program focuses on development and funding opportunities locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally. By focusing on the specialty area of urban education funding and development, we assist stakeholders with increasing their funding portfolios. We are the preferred collaborator for development and securing funding for school districts, community organizations, universities and nonprofit entities. Through our established network of partnerships, we will connect stakeholders on a national and international basis for meaningful and sustainable partnerships. Our initiatives will require a focus on solutions.

If you are have an idea you would like to submit for consideration with our grant program office, please complete the following form submission document. We thank you for your interest in possibly partnering with us.