School Discipline – A Parent’s Guide

What is School Exclusion?

School exclusion is the temporary or permanent removal of a student from general education (classroom and/or school) through the process of in-suspension and/or out-of-school suspension.

Know Your Rights as a Parent/Guardian

  1. When can a school suspend my child?
    • The school CANNOT suspend you without cause
    • The behavioral infraction must be clearly identified in the Student Code Book (school/school district) and serious enough to warrant school exclusion.
    • The violation must present an obvious disruption to the learning environment.
  2. What must a school do before it suspends my child?
    • The school must first try behavioral internventions prior to suspending your child, unless the behavior is serious violent, or dangerous to others
    • Interventions include: a) parent conferences; b) peer mediation; and c) referrals to counselors or psychologists, or anger management programs.
    • All intervention attempts must be properly documented and communicated to parents and/or guardians.
  3. What are your rights as a parent during the suspension process?
    • You have a right to request a pre-suspension conference.
    • You have the right to have your child’s side of the story heard prior to suspension.
  4. What are your rights after a suspension decision has been made?
    • The school must send a written notice of its suspension decision to parents/guardians listed on file.
    • You have the right (depending on the violation) to appeal the school’s final decision.

Link to Code of Conduct and Parent Handbook

CMS Supsension Policy

If you think that your school is not complying with the law,
Please contact:
ACLU of North Carolina
Phone: (919) 834-3466