Doctoral Fellows Program


The Urban Education Collaborative at UNC Charlotte will be a national model of excellence for partnering with urban schools, community organizations and the business community to improve economic, educational opportunities and quality of life for our nation’s urban students.  


To advance the intellectual, social, economic and educational conditions of urban students in the state of North Carolina and the nation through knowledge dissemination, innovative programming and strategic partnerships.

Statement of Program Goals

The purpose of the program is to attract to The Urban Education Collaborative outstanding UNC Charlotte doctoral students from a variety of disciplines within the Curriculum & Instruction Ph.D. program who have a strong interest in The Urban Education Collaborative’s mission, its current priorities, and a commitment to obtaining a higher education faculty position, after the completion of their doctoral programs. The Urban Education Collaborative Doctoral Fellows will be extended opportunities to participate in current and developing research projects at The Urban Education Collaborative and will be provided ongoing mentoring and professional development for preparation in the professoriate.


In order to participate in The Urban Education Collaborative Doctoral Fellows Program, all applicants must possess the following:

  • Evidence of superior academic achievement in doctoral studies.
  • Interest in the mission and current priorities of The Urban Education Collaborative.
  • Commitment to a career in teaching and research at the college or university level.
  • Current Doctoral Student in the Curriculum & Instruction Doctoral Program.
Criteria for Selection

All applicants will be evaluated by a panel of UNC Charlotte professors and/or administrators selected by the Director of The Urban Education Collaborative. The panel will use the requested application materials and other appropriate information to select Urban Education Collaborative Doctoral Fellows. A maximum of 5 applicants will be selected for this prestigious opportunity. The following criteria will be used to select

  • Evidence of superior academic achievement in master’s and beginning stages of doctoral studies.
  • Demonstration of personal and professional commitment to issues focusing on urban education throughout the lifespan.
Benefits of the Program
  • Opportunities to initiate and be a part of research projects, under the supervision of the Director of The Urban Education Collaborative.
  • Access to ongoing mentoring and professional development experiences.
  • Opportunities to meet and network with faculty and other doctoral students from a variety of disciplines on- and off- campus.
  • Exposure to different resources and opportunities available at The Urban Education Collaborative and across campus.
Terms and Conditions

The Urban Education Collaborative Doctoral Fellows Program provides $1000 per academic year for each Fellow for registration/travel costs to conferences and other professional venues. During the academic year, all Urban Education Collaborative Doctoral Fellows are required to engage in the following professional activities:

  • Research, evaluation, and grant projects at the Urban Education Collaborative.
  • Professional development experiences and seminars offered by the Urban Education Collaborative.
  • Travel costs to attend/present at a professional meeting and/or conference.
  • Manuscript submission to a scholarly venue. 

Application CLOSED FOR 22-23 YEAR